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This was a request for Jade's bare toes and ultra creamy soles.


Jade sis back with sexy french tips and shows off her footjob skills part 1



Jenna is back with a hot white tip foot job video clip.
Check out more here at


Jade shows us her bare toes and dry and aching feet, can you give her a rub?


Jade gives a soft and tight footjob to one of her lucky slaves.



Model Rayne shows her skills at her first foot job!


We caught up with Jenna as she was doing some internet surfing and she showed us her
hot toe crunching and delicious soles.


This hot update comes from Jenna and her footjob, solejob and handjob store!  Watch as she does a hot solejob/toejob with pink toes with an explosive ending cumshot!  To see more quality clips from Jenna, check out Jenna's Footjobs and Solejob store.


Jenna returns to show us her hot toe spread and toe tease.
Her creamy soles are so soft as she rubs and rotates in this hot clip.

NEW Model Jenna shows off her delicious painted toes and smooth sexy soles. Watch from more of her soon and upcoming site Tasty Tootsies.



Lyn is back to show us her creamy soles and pink toes



Lyn is going sun tanning and we caught up with her with her creamy soles and pink toes! 



 For those who love long toes and slender soft feet and toe crunching, this update is for
 you. Jenna is back with her hot feet with her flexing, crunching and doing toe exercises.




Jenna walked around all day with her sandals and her feet got a bit
dirty & dry. Take a peek at her achy feet before she lotions 'em up.



Mystique continues with her debut to show us her silky soft
 soles and cute little toes. Watch as she relaxes on her bed.



We are pleased to welcome our new model Mystique She might be new to some of you, but this beauty has been a popular foot model for quit some time!  We are happy to welcome her!  She loves to take requests and even offers has some used socks and other items she's willing to sell. Welcome Mystique!



Brittani is back in a fun video of her showing off her creamy soles and great rubs!



Jenna shows off her long toes in some cute flip flops then props her
luscious ped's on a table to show her delicious soles and flexed toes



Brittani works it and shows us her soft toes and creamy soles!



Jenna debuts in her first photo set!



March 5, 2006


Kaylaa shows us her creamy and wrinkly soles and incredible body



March 3, 2006


Lyn is back to show us her soft and aching feet. Can you give her a rub?



February 27, 2006


NEW Model Jenna debuts with some of the most perfect toes and soles we have
seen in awhile!  Watch as she curls, flexes and show off her hot feet outside!


February 25, 2006


Kaylaa is back with her continuing video of her teasing you with her wrinkly
and long slender feet!  Watch as she rubs, lotions and massages her hot ones!


February 21, 2006


Britanni is back with her second installment of her creamy and
delicious sole show. Nice close-ups of this hot blonde with soft peds!


February 21, 2006


AZN makes her first video appearance to show off her beautiful and
exotic soles. Watch as she flexes, crunches, and feels her hot toes!


February 12, 2006


Kaylaa is back to show off her long and wrinkly soles. She teases you as she walks in and asks you if you like her soles. Aside from her gorgeous feet, she's got one of the cutest voices ever!   This is the first part of an ongoing video clip series from her.


February 9, 2006


Brittani shows off her hot soles outside on the patio in this hot video. Watch as
she crunches, flexes, and rubs her delicious pink toes and creamy soles!


February 5, 2006


NEW Model Brittani joins us from our upcoming
sister site in her blazin' debut!


January 30, 2006


Celeste shows off her fire red toes and creamy soles in these hot pics!


January 28, 2006


Kayla is back and shows us why shes got some of the most flexible and delicious feet around! Watch as she shows off her toe socks, does a shoe show and sniffs and licks her creamy soles.


January 26, 2006


NEW MODEL AZN debuts her exotic and delicious Asian soles and bright pink toes!


January 23, 2006


Lyn is back to show us why she is one of most popular foot models we have.
Watch as she sucks, licks, and caresses her soft white toes and soles!


January 21, 2006


New Model Lexi debuts in a hot way. She trips down to her panties and bare feet then jumps onto a bed to tease you with her very delicious soles and toes. She crunches, flexes, and even wants you to smell her stinky shoes.


January 17, 2006


To continue with our exclusive models returning to the foot community, we give a big warm welcome to Brooke (many of you know her from the years as Tricia/Trisha from some other foot sites.) !  She returns in her full beauty, semi pregnant, and heavenly soft soles and perfectly rounded toes! 


January 12, 2006


The response has been great since Kayla (many of you know her from the years as Kaylaa Rae) returned to the foot scene!  She's excited to be back and were
 happy to have her back with her warm beautiful smile and smokin' feet!!



January 7, 2006


 KAYLAA RAE has returned!  Were happy to announce Kaylaa Rae as an exclusive model, many of you have followed her through the years on the internet and she is back!  We're please to have her debut as I am sure all of you are excited to see her back. You can contact Kaylaa at and she is also available for web cam shows by contacting her at:!  She is happy to be back and thanks you all for your support and love. Welcome back Kaylaa!


January 5, 2006


Lyn & Celeste team up to fullfil all your dreams!  Watch as
they play,suck, tease with their soft creamy soles and toes!

January 1, 2006


Celeste brings in the new year on fire!  Watch as she caresses her soles,
sucks her toes and teases the camera all while wearing a sexy fireman's outfit!

December 22, 2005


Lyn is back to show her gorgeous creamy soles and flexible toes! 
Watch as she squishes, grips, and spreads her perfect peds.


December 17, 2005


Celeste shows us real time her wrinkly soles and flexible skills. Watch
as she grabs, wiggles, sucks and teases you with her hot feet!


December 10, 2005


NEW Model Veronica love you long time!  This beautiful Asian cutie
 had never knew her full potential until she gave her first foot job!!
Watch her perfect red toes POV and soft soles doggy style


December 5, 2005


Part 2 of Celeste's Camo tease. Watch as she flexes her toes
and does some hot close-ups of her fair and creamy skin.